Junge Helden

In this animation we accompany a human being on his path from the first symptoms of a disease to a succesful transplantation of an organ. In the process, we show how hard it is to get an organ and how unlikely to be even considered as a donator.

The organisation »Junge Helden« (= Young Heroes) entrusted us with the production of this film about the sensitive topic »organ donation«.
Junge Helden speaks for an individual and reflected decision about organ donation. They encourage to make an informed and personal decision, based on knowledge – wether it be »Yes« or »No«. True to their motto: »Decisive is the decision.«

Part of this knowledge is communicated in this film.


Junge Helden_Storyboard_1 Junge Helden_Storyboard_3

Film Stills

Feeling sick checklist Talking to the Doctor 2 Eurotransplant Members 11.000 people on the list Braindead 2 Accident DSO Organigram Testing Blood Who fits best? Emergency! 2 Organ surgery Saying Goodbye Hurry! 2 Slow Recovery 2 Restore to Life