Ending Overfishing

This film is an adapted version of our animated short »The Overfishing of the Ocean«, which we now took to the next level in collaboration with the NGO OCEAN2012.
OCEAN2012 is an alliance of over 150 organisations dedicated to putting an end to overfishing in the European Union. For this version we created a new end, that now refers to the political subventions that support overfishing.

Besides the new end, the film was translated into eight languages to generate attention for this topic all over the world. Music and sound effects were produced by Stephan Kloß and Marcus Illgenstein.

It was great to hear, that after finishing the movie, the organizations Greenpeace, Oceana and Birdlife wanted to add their logo to the film, to help spread the word. So instead of working alone they decided to work as an alliance to solve this big problem – together.


Despite an increased awareness of overfishing, the majority of people still know very little about the scale of the destruction being wrought on the oceans. This film presents an unquestionable case for why overfishing needs to end and shows that there is still an opportunity for change. Through reform of the EU‘s Common Fisheries Policy, fisheries ministers and members of the European Parliament can end overfishing. But only if you pressure them.

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