Alba Berlin

Not that this would be a big deal for us, because we don’t like basketball at all, but we were asked to animate the logo of the local basketball club Alba Berlin.
You may ask »What is this Alba Berlin?!?« Well, just the most popular team in German professional basketball (Sorry, Bayern and Bamberg).

This four second animation is used in the very end of their official season trailer 2013/2014, which can be seen by up to 14.500 people at once in the o2 arena in Berlin.
The intense season trailer was produced by my friends from loptafilm under the direction of Adolfo J.Kolmerer. This is how a trailer for a basketball-team should look like!

Commisioner SternSilver, we can forward the contact.


Alba Berlin - Logoanimation Alba Berlin - Logoanimation Alba Berlin - Logoanimation

The whole clip