When Firstborn was in charge of doing the new website for Aflac (a well known insurance company in the US), which included animations of the Aflac duck, explaining the benefits of Aflac, we were part of the animation team, that brought the Aflac duck to life. In various Scenes, the duck performs different actions to help potential customers understand what Aflac is all about.

Depending on the scenedesign, the animators tasks differed a lot. Of course, the main task was characteranimation but some scenes needed the use of crowd simulation, cloth simulation, physic engines, etc.

Crowd Simulation

The challenge in this scene wasn't the animation of the duck, but to let several people come together to build the shape of the duck's head.
Because we didn't want to animate every single person, we used the crowd simulation tool from 3D Studio Max. Here you define several animation presets (walking forward/backward/sideward, standing still, breathing, etc.) and tell the people when they should do which animation.

The Ducks Rig


These are the spots we animated for Aflac's appearance during the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver on NBC and NASCAR-Races on Fox Sports.
They were broadcasted before and after a commercial break: Before the break with a question in the end, after the break with the correct answer.


Besides animating the duck, we also designed and concepted new scenes for the website.

You don't know Quack

For a microsite (»If you don't know Aflac - You don't know Quack«) the duck got a new Shader-Outfit.